Project Management and Site Supervision

This course covers methods to get employees and sub-trades to work together to get the job done on time and on budget while meeting standards for quality and using new and innovative methods and materials. Techniques that will help in planning and scheduling of complex projects, get people working as a team and keeping projects on the path to successful completion are discussed. WHMIS and Residential Construction Waste are also discussed as well as the use of written contracts. NOTE: Early registration is necessary, as this course will involve the advance receipt and completion of workbook and online quizzes and assignments by way of email, as well as the one-day session to review all material and prepare for writing the examination. Course Cost: $350 + tax Course Content: Proven traits to successful Project Managers How to ensure tasks get done on time without looking over peoples' shoulders Surefire methods of cost control On the job safety measures The all-important administrative tasks of Project Managers; and How site planning can save time and money Duration: Online home study 10-15 hours with quizzes and assignments. (constitutes 50% of overall grade) One day in-class session. Materials Manual: "Project Management and Site Supervision" Course Format: Upon registration for the course, the course manual will be delivered by regular post, to be completed at their own pace along with the online portion. Any student can email questions to the instructor at any time prior to the course date. The one day in-class session will be used to review all of the material, answer any questions and prepare for the exam in the afternoon. Examination: A pass mark of 80% is required on the in-class open book exam is written on the afternoon of the one-day in-class session. If a mark between 65% and 79% is achieved, a fee is charged to re-write an online exam. A candidate is given the opportunity to re-write the examination a maximum of two times before having to retake the entire course. Candidates who score less than 65% on the initial examination are required to retake the course