Course Methodology

All courses are made up of two distinct sections. Section One is self-paced learning and is designed to allow participants to set their own timeline for completion. Section One courses are available online, with a workbook, and online participants can log on and off as often as necessary to successfully complete Section One. The self-paced Section One includes post-chapter tests and a final assignment (see important notes below) that must be sent to the instructor as a prerequisite for the one-day workshop.

Section Two is a one-day in-class workshop that all participants will be required to attend before they can successfully complete the entire program. This in-class workshop will be delivered throughout the province. Those wishing to complete the program can attend anywhere the in-class workshop is being conducted, regardless of where the participant lives.

The one-day in-class workshop, which builds on the learning developed in Section One, will use scenarios and problem-based learning to reinforce concepts and explore shared experiences. Attendees will work in groups and individually. Attendees are required to bring their workbooks and assignments from Section One. A final exam will also be written during the afternoon.

Important Notes:
1. Successful completion of Section One, including the completion of the post-chapter tests, is a prerequisite to attending the in-class workshop. Should a student fail to meet the minimum standard on the chapter tests they will be notified and be required to register to re-take the online chapter tests before they can attend the one-day in-class session. (fee applies)
2. Before confirming registration for the in-class workshop, participants must complete Section One, and their final assignment must be received and graded before they can attend the one-day in-class session. Students will be notified via email whether or not attendance at the in-class workshop will be permitted. Re-registration may be necessary if the assignments are not submitted as required. (fee applies)
3. The post-chapter tests and the final assignment in Section One constitute 50% of the final grade
4. Participants are required to write a final exam that represents the remaining 50%. Re-registration is required if a student fails to achieve a final grade of 80% on their final exam that is written in the afternoon of the one-day in-class session. (fee applies).

Class size will be limited and seats are available on a first-come/first-served basis.

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